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-Hypnosis- -Hypnosis-

Rated 4 / 5 stars

A great first song

It's your first song and it's also a very nice one..
I remember my first song was some off beat instruments bumping into each other and creating a mess.. if this is your first, then i would like to see the second.

i hope you accept constructive criticism..? i have some :)
at 1:00 i liked the "wah wah" kind of instrument
2:00 nice seperation from one block of trance to the next one using the wah wah instrument
i didn't so much like the part at 3:17 with the short "beep" sounds.
03:50 > i liked!

i think there was too much space with only one beat drums and nothing else, but that might be only me, cause some people like such parts..
you might want use more sophisticated drums next time.. and you might want to use more variety.

aoisora0489 responds:

Thank you for your constructive criticism. I honestly have a lot to learn about the whole music making thing, but I must say it is fun!

Not any easier Not any easier

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Melody part was very nice

it's got a very nice melody till 0:50.. and after 1:40.
I liked the wacky guitar/xylophone hybrid instrument!
the bass was excellent in it.
i disliked the drums after 0:35, they felt synthy..
the strings at the end were good as well.
i'm a harmony person, so i disliked the middle part.. i wish it was more melodic!

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DiroNomer responds:

Thanks man. Maybe I should make an ambient version of this or something.

Acidic Fruit (Syntrus) Acidic Fruit (Syntrus)

Rated 4 / 5 stars


cool :)
Hey, what is this synth you have played with all the song..?
the synth could be used for some main theme part,.. like some lead instrument,
i liked how at 1:16 the drums got an increment.
i wish it was less random.. and less repetitive of the same stuff..

A Breathtaking Piano Piece -JH A Breathtaking Piano Piece -JH

Rated 5 / 5 stars


at minute 1 shows feelings of hope..
at 1:10 it shows signs of decrease of the hope... but it's only temporarly, since there is soon a battle.
at 1:30 there is some battle over the hope of things
could really fit to an drama scene, reminds me really the movie "The posterman" (1998)
at 2:30 something bad happens, and there is a fight over the hope and good well of things, during a beautiful cover of piano and strings.
3:00 the bad thing has happend and they are wounded and it's like the fight was over and they have lost.
4:00 a new hope!
4:40 the end of all good things and bad things and a sad recognition in reality : everyone has to die, even if they survived in the war, received noble prizes or lived a beautiful life.
I wouldn't wait to send this piece to the movie theaters!

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JervyHouMusic responds:

Haha! Thank you! Never thought of my song in a movie way ;P

===Out of Body=== ===Out of Body===

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Good :)

sounds professional!
too bad the melody isn't changing much.. but i guess that's your style
Heh, i didn't know you can change submission files :) now you have taught me a new thing..

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bigbluechevy12345 responds:

Thanks! Yea, after a couple of years making different kinds of electronic music, I've found that my style is a lot like the artist 'Push'. The melodies don't change very much, but everything around it does. Of course 'Push' is a lot better at it than me. XD

Raged Raged

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hey! this is ejay SE!

lol, i can spot this is Ejay SE from miles away..
it was a program i made a few songs with in my childhood!
i had to give it a 10 just because someone is still using it!
that's a cool loop indeed..

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Cyberdevil responds:

Hehe, good eyes, and thanks for the ten!

Patience and pleasure Patience and pleasure

Rated 4 / 5 stars

and the world keeps going..

nice fx you have in this song.
what does the phrase say? i didn't understand..
the song is mysterious and filled with darkness
what i see in mind is someone/many people walking in a city and doing things that don't really matter, and basically the world keeps going..
the sound of the "heels" is also adding to that kind of view.

theBrownOne responds:

Awesome creative description of the song, bro.
I've updated the song description to answer your question.
Thanks so much for the review!

Darkness {Demo} Darkness {Demo}

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Immersed with mystery

the start wasn't so great.. it felt like someone is playing with FL.
but at 0:15 it started greatly. the wobble thing is good with all the reverb, along with the "viewwwwww.." synth effect.
over time it gets repetitive and loses the effect..
at 1:38 you have the piano which is definitely helping.. you might want to consider seeing the video "Syndicate intro" at minute 1:00 (syndicate is an old pc game) which reminds of the same piano..
This is an immersive piece that is flooded with darkness and heading to the unknown..

Guitarmaniac3 responds:

Maybe i should just drop the intro altogether then? More progressions like suggested by the review below should counter the repetitive side.

I had a look at that game, i see what you mean about the piano, and they definitely pulled it off better than me. that game looks brilliant for its age though, i mean, i wasn't even born when it was made but wow, it looks great.

Glad you liked it, ill probably post an updated version sometime in the next few days...if i have time :)

LSD + E + FLstudio = L O L LSD + E + FLstudio = L O L

Rated 3 / 5 stars


lol, internet garbage in a song..
while you weren't intending this song to be harmonic, it actually came out fine! i was expecting something worse from the title..
also, i find 4 notes which are repeating here and are similar to the music "Tyrian - Tunneling Trolls".. you might want to check that :)

Happy. Happy.

Rated 4 / 5 stars


hey, my old friend. remember me?
it seems like you got a major improvement in the time that have passed. i know you meant the best for this song. so lets talk about what we have here.

the main idea for the song is very good. you still have problems performing it.
keep on your ideas, but don't let them sound too gayish like in the "green" song. the less wuss-like instruments you'll have, the better. for an example : this saxofon instrument.. it just ruins it. the xylophone is great, but don't let it go to your main-stream all the song, xylophone is usally a side-instrument.
you have a good intention on the drums, and you know how to perform them. you have a great potential, and you must fix those little issues before you are a rockstar.

the timing little issues? you know, one bit sounds wrong here, one bit sounds wrong there. it's critical that you have everything aligned and placed right. here some tip from me : when you are doing something, divide it into partitions. and its better if you won't mix couple of instruments in one partition. work on one instrument alone - with the metronom tool (its a tempo like - if you don't have any, then some kicks running in the background would be enough)
you must align your beats, and notes according to the beats of the metronom, and don't let anything escape this rule. after you've done aligning your one partition - hear it along with the other partitions .. if its right, then continue, if not , then you must fix something there.

another issue i've noticed is the volume changes. remember : you DON'T want to change your volume so bad during a song. don't mess with the volume, and its better if you choose a constant volume at the beginning of the construction, and go with it - and if you want more volume, then don't change the volume of the instrument itself, but change the volume of the notes. and if you really like more volume then duplicate the same insturment. just don't change the volume dynamically in this type of songs.

best important is, don't let yourself get out with "oh well, whatever, it sounds good enough" if you can fix it, then grab the power in order to fix those issues.

anyways, i liked the song and i gave it 8/10. just work according to my tips and you'll see what improvement there will be.

triangleshower responds:

holy cow, thats a long review!
yes, i have improved monumentally, but still have a few lightyears to go before reaching the status of my heroes, ISAN.