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2016 Submissions

No hope Miscellaneous Song
Loophole ver. 2 Trance Song
Loophole (Trance) Trance Song

2012 Submissions

Drance Trance Song
AutoComposer test 2 Minor Classical Song
AutoComposer test 2 Classical Song
Based on autocomposer test 1 Classical Song
Auto composer test 1 Classical Song
Above The Desert Clouds General Rock Song
Rivers Crossings (WIP 2) General Rock Song
(WIP)Battle Over Lost Classical Song
Rivers Crossings (WIP 1) General Rock Song

2009 Submissions

Is there Anybody home Miscellaneous Song

2008 Submissions

Reshimot piano ringtone Classical Song
Defeat Classical Song
rock music test General Rock Song
Burn through the soul Trance Song
Hopeless (AKA the sad part) Classical Song
Happiness & Sadness Miscellaneous Song
Feeling sad Miscellaneous Song
Reshimot General Rock Song
The end of a war (orchestral) Classical Song
reshimot3 not fully completed General Rock Song
walking in the street loop Drum N Bass Song
song6-artiel Techno Song