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-Hypnosis- -Hypnosis-

Rated 4 / 5 stars

A great first song

It's your first song and it's also a very nice one..
I remember my first song was some off beat instruments bumping into each other and creating a mess.. if this is your first, then i would like to see the second.

i hope you accept constructive criticism..? i have some :)
at 1:00 i liked the "wah wah" kind of instrument
2:00 nice seperation from one block of trance to the next one using the wah wah instrument
i didn't so much like the part at 3:17 with the short "beep" sounds.
03:50 > i liked!

i think there was too much space with only one beat drums and nothing else, but that might be only me, cause some people like such parts..
you might want use more sophisticated drums next time.. and you might want to use more variety.

aoisora0489 responds:

Thank you for your constructive criticism. I honestly have a lot to learn about the whole music making thing, but I must say it is fun!

Not any easier Not any easier

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Melody part was very nice

it's got a very nice melody till 0:50.. and after 1:40.
I liked the wacky guitar/xylophone hybrid instrument!
the bass was excellent in it.
i disliked the drums after 0:35, they felt synthy..
the strings at the end were good as well.
i'm a harmony person, so i disliked the middle part.. i wish it was more melodic!

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DiroNomer responds:

Thanks man. Maybe I should make an ambient version of this or something.

Acidic Fruit (Syntrus) Acidic Fruit (Syntrus)

Rated 4 / 5 stars


cool :)
Hey, what is this synth you have played with all the song..?
the synth could be used for some main theme part,.. like some lead instrument,
i liked how at 1:16 the drums got an increment.
i wish it was less random.. and less repetitive of the same stuff..